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Working from home

It has been a while since I have worked from home, and I am really enjoying it. I love not having to get dressed up. I love working in a space I love. My desk is an old pine table that once belonged to my mother, and I am surrounded by pictures of my family. There's plenty of room to spread out. I can keep Joanna and Chip on HGTV all day in the background. I have a vase of yellow mums on my desk.

I'm eating better. I'm walking more. I'm cooking more. The house is clean. All in all, it's a great situation for me.

For the dog? Not so much.

Beau got very used to long 8 hour naps in his crate while I was working in an office full time. Once a week he would go to daycare, and when possible I would take him to work. But for the most part, he was snuggled up in his crate sleeping for most of my work day.

Now that I am home, his environment is less conducive to long, leisurely naps. Every time I get up, whether it's to go to the kitchen or the closet or the bathroom, Beau feels the need to accompany me. The entire condo is only 1100 square feet, so I'm not going far when I get up. But he still follows me. Every. Single. Time.

He's exhausted, because he's not getting his usual naps. He's not a fan of this "work from home" situation.

One option is to crate him even when I'm here. Another is to just nap with him. Fun, but not very productive. The third is to just wait it out and let him figure out that I'm never going far, and I'll always be back.

Until then, one day a week I'm going to try and stay gone for a few hours and let him catch up on his beauty sleep.

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