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The next great thing

When I quit my last position, I thought I never wanted to do marketing again. I never wanted to look at marketing analytics again. No more spreadsheets. Just creative.

Now, with some distance between me and the last job, I find that I really do want to marketing again, as long as I can have a hand in the creative. It wasn't marketing I wanted to leave, but that particular marketing job.

Finding the next fit is proving to be challenging. I want to make sure I'm fairly compensated, as I feel like the last seven years in non-profit were rewarding, but not monetarily, and I'm self-assured enough to know my worth. I'm too old to work for next to nothing.

I also want to be in a collegial atmosphere, where people want to work together to make the company great, and not against one another, tearing each other down for personal reasons. I'm too old for that as well.

So off we go to define what I'm looking for and what might fit. I'm tempted to apply for one job for which I'm not remotely qualified, but would like to get in the door with that organization. Should I just go ahead and apply, knowing I'm not entirely qualified, or would that be wasting the time of the HR team and hiring manager? Thoughts?

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